Industry leading stander mowers from Wright


Wright mowers are the world’s first and leading stander mowers, driven from a standing position which allows the operator to shift their weight instantly to handle changing terrain.

This also enables them to step on and off quickly to pick up debris or move items to keep mowing efficiently and quickly without hold-ups.


If a seated position is required, the Wright Sport I model offers all the benefits of a Wright stander mower with a pull-down seat, which may be desired if cutting large level lawns.

Simply lift the seat back into a raised position to return to standing when mowing in tight spaces or on uneven ground.


The zero-turn capability of Wright mowers ensures exceptional manoeuvrability, speed, comfort and accuracy.


The Wright Stander Small Frame offers a compact stander mower with 32” cutting deck, ideal for narrow spaces and around tight areas such as in cemeteries or around obstacles in gardens or parks.

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